Waxlectric light I + II


Waxlectric light I + II – Cost-effective introduction to electric wax technology

Function & Performance
These electric wax knives are the perfect introduction to efficient wax technology.


  • Easy temperature control via a potentiometer.
  • Separately adjustable temperature with Waxlectric light II.
  • Compact, ergonomic design.

Unlike the Waxlectric light I, the Waxlectric light II can be operated with two handpieces simultaneously.


  • No contraction in the pattern, as the wax is neither overheated nor burned.
  • The technician can concentrate more on the pattern and less on the tools and instruments.

Renfert Waxlectric

Waxlectric. Waxing up in best time.
Renfert has all the answers if you want to sculpt wax stress-free and conveniently. The Renfert heat conductivity concept concentrates the temperature exactly where it is required. The sculpting tip forms the required heat center.

Temperature setting:

  • Individual matching to any of your waxes thanks to a temperature setting of 50–200°C (122–392°F).

Sculpting tips:

  • Internal heating of the sculpting tip ensures direct transfer of heat to your wax.
  • Special alloy tips with optimum heat conductivity.


  • Maximum working comfort provided by heat-insulated, natural cork handle.
  • Heat-resistant cable protected against twisting.


  • 20° inclination allows view of the unit and optimum operation.
  • Hermetically sealed, easy to clean membrane board.
  • Increased work safety due to low-voltage technology. Power adaptor is outside the workstation.