Waxlectric I + II

Waxlectric I + II – Waxing up – precisely and quickly

Function & Performance
Waxlectric I + II are the professional instruments in the electric wax knife sector. The application concept concentrates on safety, precision and user-friendliness.


  • Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes.
  • Direct access of preferred working temperatures using programming function.
  • Hermetically sealed membrane keyboard.

Unlike the Waxlectric I, the Waxlectric II can be operated with two handpieces simultaneously.


  • Integrated holders provide ergonomic access to the handpieces and exchange tips.
  • Direct setting of the maximum or minimum temperature.
  • Daylight operable 3-figure LED display.
  • Both channels can be set separately with the Waxlectric II.
  • Color-coded for controlled management of the handpieces.

WaxElectric Tips

Renfert Waxlectric

Waxlectric. Waxing up in best time.
Renfert has all the answers if you want to sculpt wax stress-free and conveniently. The Renfert heat conductivity concept concentrates the temperature exactly where it is required. The sculpting tip forms the required heat center.

Temperature setting:

  • Individual matching to any of your waxes thanks to a temperature setting of 50–200°C (122–392°F).

Sculpting tips:

  • Internal heating of the sculpting tip ensures direct transfer of heat to your wax.
  • Special alloy tips with optimum heat conductivity.


  • Maximum working comfort provided by heat-insulated, natural cork handle.
  • Heat-resistant cable protected against twisting.


  • 20° inclination allows view of the unit and optimum operation.
  • Hermetically sealed, easy to clean membrane board.
  • Increased work safety due to low-voltage technology. Power adaptor is outside the workstation.