Shofu Universal Primer simplifies adhesion by providing exceptionally reliable bonds to all dental alloy, zirconia and alumina-based ceramic restorations, without the need for mechanical retention. Easy and efficient to apply, Shofu Universal Primer eliminates the need for retention beads, additional accessories or heat treatment. This universally applicable primer is ideal for bonding resins to all kinds of frameworks created through CAD/CAM technology and for intra-oral as well as chairside repairs.

This versatile primer is suitable for bonding light-cured resins to metal/zirconia framework & orthodontic appliances; fabrication and repair of resin-bonded restorations as well as intra-oral/extra-oral repair of metal-bonded/zirconia-bonded crown & bridge restorations.


• Universal application- suitable for all dental alloys and zirconia-based restoration
• Easy and quick handling without the need for additional equipment
• Transparent with no grey or dark margins at the bonding interface
• Reliable and durable adhesion
• Convenient for intra-oral and extra-oral repair


Bottle of 5ml [PNY0060]