Tray Sleeves, Mini

Tray Sleeves, Midwest/Weber

Reduces risk of cross-contamination from airborne aerosols. Simply remove after each patient and discard.Clear plastic sleeves with end fold for secure fit.


Latex: No
CE: Yes
Made in USA: Yes
Worth Knowing:
Surface barriers reduce the risk of cross contamination caused by airborne aerosols, splash and spatter. The most common surfaces easily protected by surface barriers are:
1. Touch Surfaces: usually contaminated by staff during a procedure.
2. Transfer Surfaces: not touched directly by the dental staff, but usually contacted by contaminated instruments.
3. Splash, Spatter & Aerosol Surfaces: comprise all surfaces in the operatory not classified as touch or transfer surfaces. Examples include dental chairs, x-ray heads, view boxes, unused countertop areas.

  • REF # BCTS 710, 500 Dispenser box 7.5″ x 10.5″ / 19 x 27cm (Clear)