Tissue Conditioner II
A self cure powder-liquid type material for tissue treatment, functional impression and for temporary rebasing, relining and conditioning in one. Tissue Conditioner II is helpful in identifying high spots in ill-fitting dentures and relieving uneven pressure on the tissue to ensure better adaptation with a comfortable fit.
Offers good flow when mixing with excellent plasticity, to ensure easy application and a smooth surface finish.

  • There is virtually no irritation due to the optimal setting temperature.
  • Primer can be used to separate the tissue conditioner from the denture base after tissue treatment if required.
  • Improved bottle design with nozzle makes dispensing easy and set package smaller.
  • Better patient compliance due to minimal odour, taste and irritation.
  • Improved handling and mixing which ensures ease of placement.
  • Excellent initial flow and viscoelasticity that ensures the mixture flows uniformly to relieve traumatized tissue and conform to changes in alveolar bone topography.
  • Available in: Pink or White Color
  • Tissue Conditioner II Set Contains:
    1-1 Set contains: Powder 120g, Liquid 100ml, Measuring jar, Rubber Mixing Cup, Dropper, Spatula, Primer 7 ml (sold separately)
    – Primer is available separately in 7ml each
    – Refills are packed individually