The Award Winning Dental Product: Super-Snap X-Treme

Shofu Super Snap X-Treme

Super-Snap is a 4 step disk system that includes black (coarse) and violet (medium) disks for contouring and finishing plus green (fine) and red (superfine) disks for polishing composite restorations. The grit on the polishers contains aluminium oxide and there is no metal centre on the disk.

Introducing the new generation of Super-Snap: Super-Snap X-Treme – the 2015 Product Award winner in the Dental Advisor. It is an enhanced version of the green (fine) and red (superfine) plotting disk included in the original Super-Snap polishing system.

In order to increase the durability and tactile feel, the red and green disks are thicker and stiffer. The red disk has a new 3D hemispherical grit coating designed to create space for ground debris and to discharge that debris during polishing, resulting in a smoother, glossier finish with less heat production. The disks are available in 8.. and 12mm diameters and have an elastic silicone shank that fits onto disposable plastic or reusable metal mandrels.

16 consultants evaluated Super-Snap X-Treme and earned a 98% clinical rating.

“Ideal for anterior restorations”

“Increased flexibility adapts to tooth contours”

“Much more durable than original disks”

The Key Features of Polishing Disks from clinical observations

1. Quality of Disks

The disks are composite polishers that hold up well for single-patient use. The continuous surface (with no metal centre) is a distinctive positive feature of the Super-Snap system.

2. Durability

The thicker disks do not twist or crease and few disks are needed to complete a polishing procedure where it is an improvement over the original polishing disks. Less clogging of the finishing surface was noted compared to the original disks.


The thicker disks have some cushion that allows them to bend and adapt to the contours of the tooth, yet are still thin enough to polish inter proximal areas. Double-sided grit eases to all angles of the teeth.

4. Quality Polish

Super-Sanp X-Treme produce a smooth, high gloss finish to composite restorations. Polished surfaces have to detectable surface roughness or “swirling” effect. The shape is ideal for polishing broad, flat areas such as anterior teeth.

5. Mandrel

The silicone hub underneath the disk easily presses onto the serrations of the mandrel, and it has enough elasticity to grip securely during rotation. Single-use or metal autoclavable mandrels fit securely into contra-angle latch handpieces.

As a a result from the evaluation, 69% of the consultants thinks that Super-Snap X-Treme performs better than the original disks. The product scores Excellent on most of the key features.

88% of consultants who would switch to Super-Snap X-Treme while 94% would recommend to other dentists.

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Clinical Tips
– Finish composite to a smooth surface with the black and violet disks before using.

– Do not exceed 15,000 rpm