Surgical Aspirator Tips

Surgical Aspirator Tips

Autoclavable and made of durable, high quality polyethylene with a 30° angle.

Tips are designed to fit all high-volume evacuation systems. They may be used for cheek retraction during procedures – will not bend.

  • It can be kept open for easy chair side placement, use and closed when disinfection is required
  • Sterilized by autoclaving to 135°C (270 °F), ultrasonic cleaning and cold sterilization.
  • Unique design can hold 11 FG and 5 CA burs
  • Available in: Blue or Yellow colour
  • Latex: No
    CE: Yes
  • REF#ZSABL 25pcs per bag, Small Tip 1/6″-0.16cm (Blue)
  • REF#ZSAWH 25pcs per bag, Standard Tip 1/8″-0.32cm (White)
  • REF#ZSAGR 25pcs per bag, Large Tip 1/4″- 0.64cm (Green)