SIMPLEX is a dental 3D-filament-printer. With the slicer software, which was specially developed for the dental sector, you can print models, which do not pose a risk to health or the environment, easily and reliably via the “Plug and Print” concept. The SIMPLEX 3D-filament-printer-system covers the entire range of orthodontic model fabrication. With its high dimensional accuracy, the SIMPLEX 3D-filament-printer ensures consistent, reproducible results. The 3D models produced do not require any post-processing.


  • Easy to use thanks to “Plug and Print” concept.
  • Level resolution up to 50 µm grants precise results.
  • Pleasant working with low noise level ≤ 49 dB.
  • Process reliability thanks to filament monitoring system with notification function and automated troubleshooting.
  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation.
  • Safety thanks to closed building chamber, lockable door, and removable cover.
  • Heatable print bed: optimal adhesion and simple cleaning.
  • Simple handling thanks to removable print platform.
  • Optimal communication between PC and printer via Wi-Fi (currently EU and USA).
  • Healthy working with ecologically friendly filament.