The high-quality special filaments are suitable for the specific requirements of the dental industry: they have excellent mechanical and physical properties and do not pose a risk to health or the environment. The high consistency and dimensional accuracy of the filaments enable detailed print quality. You receive a defined filament selection designed for the respective area of application.


  • Work at a high level with ecologically sound materials.
  • Work reliably with a selection of filaments matched to the indication area and printer.
  • Time-saving and health-friendly fabrication of 3D models – no post-processing, no cleaning, no curing.
  • 100% free from irritants – no harmful vapors during printing process.
  • Excellent mechanical and physical printing properties such as layer and print bed adhesion.
  • High-quality, process-stable printing and detailed print result thanks to uniform diameter (1.75 mm) and roundness along the entire length of the filament.
  • No post-processing with chemicals and curing unit necessary.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective printing.
  • Colorfast, UV-resistant.
  • Made in Germany.


  • 1735-0100 – SIMPLEX study model
  • 1735-0200 – SIMPLEX working model
  • 1735-0300 – SIMPLEX aligner model
  • 1735-0600 – SIMPLEX multi-use model