A vinyl polysiloxane impression material available in 3 consistencies for reliable and accurate impressions with both one-step as well as two-step impression techniques.
Able to achieve smooth predictable impressions that are free of porosities with excellent elasticity and shear strength to resist tearing even in thin areas.

  • Offers superior dimensional stability for accurate impressions even of deep undercut areas, stable in cold sterilizing solutions and compatible with any type of dental stone material.
  • Odourless, snap set reaction that permits adequate working time with less distortion.
  • Available in 3 distinct viscosities:
  • Silde Fit Putty   A heavy body impression material designed for custom tray fabrication and preliminary impression.
  • Dent Silicone Aqua Regular –  A medium body, hydrophobic impression material ideal for single mix impression technique recommended for edentulous and inlay restorations.
  • Dent Silicone Aqua Injection – A light body, low viscosity injection type impression material recommended for wash impression of a wide range of restorations such as post-core, crowns and bridges.

Silde Fit Putty 1-1 Set Contains:
Base 500gm, Catalyst 500gm, Measuring Scoops – 1 set

Dent Silicone Aqua Regular 1-1 Set Contains:
Base 96gm, Catalyst 100gm, Adhesive 9gm, Retarder 3gm, Mixing Pad

Dent Silicone Aqua Injection 1-1 Set Contains:
Base 95gm, Catalyst 100gm & Mixing Pad