shofu zirconomer dental restoration

Created as a new class of restorative, it exhibits the strength and durability of amalgam with the protective benefits of glass ionomer while completely eliminating the hazard of mercury. Ideal for restoration of selective class I & II permanent restorations, as structural base in sandwich restoration, core build-up, pediatric & geriatric restoration, long-term temporary replacement of fractured cusps, fractured amalgam restoration, ART as well as restoration of root surfaces where overdentures rest.



  • The Yellow Brown shade is suitable for most cases with optimized translucency and improved  physical properties
  • Improved version with better mechanical properties and handling characteristics for better clinical performance
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to natural tooth for a remarkable marginal integrity
  • Provides the benefit of fluoride release and recharge
  • Radiopaque and biocompatible
  • Available in shade: Yellow Brown


Zirconomer 1-1 Set (PN 3125) Contains: 
12 gm Powder & 5 ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Spoon & Spatula