Glasionomer FX II Improved

A general purpose direct restorative developed for ART and Minimal Intervention (MI) dentistry, pits and fissures, cervical erosion and abrasion, intermediate restoration for heavy stress bearing areas, final restoration for non-stress bearing Class I, II of adult dentition.



  • The Yellow Brown shade is suitable for most cases with optimized translucency and improved  physical properties
  • Improved version with better mechanical properties and handling characteristics for better clinical performance
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to natural tooth for a remarkable marginal integrity
  • Provides the benefit of fluoride release and recharge
  • Radiopaque and biocompatible
  • Available in shade: Yellow Brown


Glaslonomer FX-ll 1-1 Set Contains:
Powder 15gm & Liquid 8ml / 10gm
(A2 [PN 3192], A3 [PN 3193], A3.5 [PN 3194], B2 [PN 3195]), Cocoa Butter 1g, Matrix Strips x 20, Mixing Pad & Spatula

Powder 15gm
A2 [PN 3196], A3 [PN 3197], A3.5 [PN 3198],
B2 [PN 3199] Liquid 8ml / 10gm [PN 3200]

Glaslonomer FX-ll Mini Set Contains:
Powder 6gm & Liquid 2.8ml / 3.5gm
A2 [PN 3202], A3 [PN 3203], A3.5 [PN 3204], B2 [PN 3205]