FL-Bond II is a 2-step, self-etching, radiopaque, fluoride releasing adhesive system featuring a unique Primer and Bonding Agent to provide an excellent bond to both enamel and dentin with a secure marginal seal for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.

6th Generation bonding system with a HEMA-free and Acetone-free primer to minimize odour and post-operative sensitivity with excellent bond strength to enamel and dentin for long-term bond durability
  • Incorporation of enhanced adhesive monomer and unique photo initiator assures a balanced bonding to both enamel and dentin
  • FL-Bond II is radiopaque and biocompatible
  • Ideal viscosity of the bonding agent enables uniform application without pooling at the cavity floor
  • The bonding agent contains 40% specially modified S-PRG fillers that release cariostatic fluoride to stimulate remineralization of the tooth in areas prone to demineralization, controls bacterial colonization and increases acid resistance
  • Excellent handling and short application time of 35 seconds only

FL Bond II

  • FL-Bond II Complete Set [PN 1306] Contains:
    FL-Bond II Primer 5ml, FL-Bond II Bonding Agent 5ml, Micro Applicators, Dish with cover and Step cardRefills:
    FL-Bond II Primer 5ml [PN 1307] FL-Bond II Bonding Agent 5ml [PN 1308]