Shofu Ceramic Technique System Kit

The comprehensive kit is designed to provide dental technicians with the right abrasive instruments for their precision work. For adjusting, gross reduction, trimming, finishing and polishing of metal-ceramic restorations.

  • High quality abrasive instruments have been specially selected and organized into two separate stands for Metal Treatment and Porcelain Finishing / polishing.
  • Handy tool for beginners as well as experienced dental ceramists for finishing and polishing porcelain fused to metal and porcelain restorations.


• Metal Treatment (Box 1)
Brown Points x 3 (No. 47, 20, 10),
Unmounted Cutting Disks x5 (25mm), HP Mandrel x 1
– Polishing for metal surface
3pcs each Brownie, Greenie Points (No. WH6, PC2, KN7)

• Porcelain Finishing (Box 2) – Contouring & Finishing of porcelain
Fine Diamond Points x 3 (No. F5R, F4R, F16),
Dura Green Points x 5 (No. WH6, TC4, KN7, IC3, TC1),
1pc Ultra Thin Diamond Disk (62UTD),
Separate Discs x 5 (0.25 mm thickness & 22mm diameter),
1pc HP Mandrel
– Porcelain Polishing
Soft Cut x 1 PA (No. WH6), Soft Cut x 2 PB (No.WH6, PC2)