Rolloblast 50 µm (400 – 200 mesh)


Function & Performance

  • Surface condensing and silky matte high-lustre finish on occlusal surfaces, in secondary components or crown interiors.
  • Denture cleaning (plaster/tooth tartar).
  • Devesting (pressed porcelain/inlays).

Renfert abrasives are supplied in acrylic canisters or buckets to preserve their high quality. The hermetic seals on these containers prevent any humidity entering. The 5 kg canisters are easy to handle. The abrasive can be comfortably poured into the module.

Non-abrasive glass beads for smoothing and condensing of surfaces.


  • Guarantees silky matt surface with no light reflection.
  • For the finest surface treatment of precious and non-precious metal alloys.
  • Does not cause silicosis.