Pro Arch Articulator IIG

Shofu’s Pro Arch IIG is a semi-adjustable, arcon-type articulator, designed for easy and quick reproduction of patient’s natural protrusive and lateral movement of the mandible, with a simple adjustment system of condylar path and sagittal condylar path.

Twin-plate mechanism at the condylar guidance combines the benefits of both box and slot types. When fabricating a denture, this mechanism prevents the condylar guidance and ball from being dislodged in eccentric position to provide an accurate occlusion. Maxillary and mandibular jaws are easily separated, for excellent handling properties when fabricating crowns or bridges; it can also be used just like an ordinary box-type articulator

  • The inverted-type adjustment feature makes the condylar path adjustment easy and accurate.
  • The sagittal condylar path angle is easily adjustable using anterior check bite record.
  • The Incisal Pin has a notch that precisely stops at 0 position to reproduce accurate centric occlusal position. Incisal Indicator can also be used as a reference for tooth arrangement.
  • The Ear Location Pin and Reference Indicator enables accurate transfer of each patient’s natural head position using a Face Bow.
  • The Occlusal Plate makes it easy to mount a cast using a mean value of head position. A cast can be easily mounted by taking the occlusal plane as a reference plane. The guideline marked on the Occlusal Plate provides easy positioning of the cast.
  • The Mounting Plate for lower jaw is 8mm behind the plate for upper jaw, which provides natural head position to mount a cast easily.
  • Die-cast framework is lightweight with high precision. Its robust structure is free from flexure and the resin coating provides a durable surface finish. Each part is ergonomically designed for easy handling.
  • Upper and lower jaws are easily separated when the Centric Lock Levers are released.
  • Upper jaw can be opened up to 120º and stays in place for easy access and handling.
  • The shape of Incisal Table makes it easy to check the contact between Incisal Pin and Table.
  • Incisal Table is replaceable to change incisal path angle.
  • Individually packed with Incisal Tables 0° & 10° (pre attached), Occlusal Plate, Metal Mounting Plate and Reference Indicator.
    Type Arcon Type
    Distance between condyles 110mm
    Distance between upper and lower jaws 110mm
    Maximum opening angle 120º
    Condylar Guidance Structure Twin-Plate Structure (Condylar Upward Guide Plate and removable Condylar Downward Guide Plate)
    Angle of sagittal condylar path -20º – +80º
    Angle of lateral condylar path 15º
    Incisal Pin with Incisal Indicator
    Incisal Tables 10º and 0º for anterior and lateral (5º and 15º available as optional)
    Mounting / removal of cast Mounting Ring (MSMP can be also used)
    Face Bow transfer mechanism with Ear Location Pin
    Condylar Ball Rod with a hole on the front edge