A specially designed range of porcelain brushes for use during routine porcelain build-up to satisfy the needs of the technician.


  • The sable fiber and red wood handles ensure better control and easy application.
  • Brush No. OP-0 Flat natural-hair brush for an efficient application of paste opaque and opaque liners
  • Brush No. S-0 Fine liner for staining, designed to create very fine natural colour accents
  • Brush No. S-1 Ideal for the characterisation of pressed or milled porcelain objects
  • Brush No. P-3 All-round brush for daily use
  • Brush No. P-5 Classic porcelain brush for all requirements
  • Brush No. P-7 Big Brush design with a fine tip


Shofu Porcelain Brush Set [PN 6985] contains:

  • Brush No. OP-0 [PN 6986] x 1
  • Brush No. No. S-0 [PN 6988] x 1
  • Brush No. No. S-1 [PN 6989] x 1
  • Brush No. No. P-3 [PN 6991] x 1
  • Brush No. No. P-5 [PN 6992] x 1
  • Brush No. No. P-7 [PN 6993] x 1