Lite Art Full Set
A new generation of fluorescent, light cure resin stains formulated for individual characterization, shade modification of indirect composite resin restorations, artificial teeth and acrylic denture base resins.
Available in a total of 15 colours (3 Primary & 12 Premixed colours) that can be used on their own,or intermixed to attain the desired shade and closely mimic natural tooth colouration.

  • Formulated with novel multifunctional monomers and photo initiators, these stains are stable,easy to apply in thin, even layers and attain a higher degree of surface cure.
  • Comes with a Clear Liquid diluent that can be used to modify the viscosity and the intensity of stains
  • Lite Art Full Set (PN 1970) Contains:
    White, Black, Red, Blue Gray, Violet, Khaki, Orange, Orange Br, Dark Red Br, Black Br,
    Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, A Shade, B Shade , 1 ml each; 6ml Clear Liquid, Uni Brush set
    No. 5, Colour Card, Nozzle Tip x 15, Nozzle Cap x 15
    – Refills: Each colour in 1 ml / syringe