The Hybrid Point Kit are designed for cavity preparation in operative dentistry (Hybrid Points) or trimming and finishing of anterior and posterior composite restorations for small adjustments on enamel and porcelain restorations (T&F Hybrid Points).


  • Diamond charged FG points in the shape of carbide burs for cavity preparation, trimming and finishing.
  • These rapid and smooth cutting burs offer increased cutting efficiency with soft feather-light strokes to minimize patient trauma.
  • Durable and long lasting, these Hybrid and T&F Hybrid Diamond Points are designed to mimic either 6 or 12 fluted carbide burs.
  • T&F Hybrid Points – Used in place of 12-fluted trimming and finishing burs, a total of 10 different shapes.
  • Regular Hybrid Points – Used in place of the 6-fluted burs in operative dentistry, a total 12 different shapes


The Hybrid Points Kit [PN 0900] contains:

  • 12 shapes of Hybrid Points
  • 10 shapes of T&F Hybrid Points