Opalescent, micro-hybrid resin teeth are created for replacing anterior and posterior teeth with excellent aesthetics, optimal hardness, remarkable toughness and superior wear resistance.


  • The three layered structure comprising of enamel, dentin and base allow adequate adjustment or grinding without compromising on its aesthetic or physical properties.
  • The base is fabricated with a high quality compatible acrylic resin for a superior bond to the denture resin.
  • Special micro particle fillers in Endura Anterio impart translucency and opalescence similar to natural teeth.
  • Endura Anterio is designed on the basis of form analysis of natural teeth to match the respective facial form and oral condition. Available in a total of 5 Harmony form moulds: Square (HS), Tapering (HT), Ovoid (HO), Short Square (HSS) and Combination (HC)
  • Endura Anterio is also characterized with developmental lobes on the labial surface to impart a 3 dimensional life-like appearance. The cuspid design incorporates the central developmental lobe as in its natural counterpart to provide adequate labio-lingual dimension, such that the arrangement can be varied to match individual patient requirement.
  • Endura Posterio design optimizes contact points between functional cusps and fossae that allow additional quick adjustment to customize individual mandibular movements for each patient situation.
  • Endura Posterio also exhibit reliable physical properties for effective grinding characteristics and long-term functional durability.
  • Anterio available in shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2 & B3
  • Posterio available in shades: A2, A3, A3.5 & B3


Individually packed in:

  • Endura Anterio in box of 16 sets of 6’s
  • Endura Posterio in box of 12 sets of 8’s