Renfert’s EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope featuring a 3D monitor, which is not only suited for viewing objects, for routine processing and quality control, but equally useful for educational, training and documentation purposes.


  • Natural hand-eye coordination when performing delicate tasks due to 3D mode.
  • Parallel use of patient photos, wax-up images, etc. within the workflow with split-screen function.
  • High-resolution photos and video sequences can be generated in full HD quality for documentation and communication via a network or integrated USB flash drive.


  • Excellent recognition of different brightness values and surface textures with the black-and-white mode in 2D and 3D.
  • Fatigue-free, ergonomic work possible thanks to sustained natural, healthy posture when viewing objects on the monitor.
  • Precise, safe and controlled work possible under 15x or 20x magnification.
  • Allows a perfect view of objects thanks to daylight LEDs with 5000 Kelvin.
  • Material-optimized image reproduction using 4 different object modes.
  • Virtually latency-free work permits handling in real time.
  • Full HD 3D monitor with special 3D eyeglasses for sharp high-definition image reproduction.
  • Updateable for the latest software and features.
  • Ideally suited for training purposes and presentations through connection options for additional 2D monitors or a projector.