die:master Set aqua

die:master Set aqua – Systematic die preparation

Function & Performance
With the die:master system, Renfert offers air-drying die varnish in four layer thicknesses (10, 13, 15 and 20 µm) and six opaque colors.

die:master set

  • Faster and clearer access to all components of the system thanks to the stand.
  • Practical, firm base for drying all types of die.
  • Quick and clean storage with supplied high quality separating brush with magnetic fixation.

die:master die spacers

  • Extremely steam-proof and scratch-resistant  thanks to high density, glass-like die spacer layer.
  • Generates maximum bond strength between hardener and die spacer due to primer technology.
  • Die spacer will not puddle on the brush or die, yet it sticks well to line angles due to its extremely thixotropic flowability.

die:master duo

  • Cross links the die stone structure for in-depth hardness and high edge-strength.
  • Maximum bond strength thanks to chemical bond to die spacer layer.
  • 0 µm thickness for a 100% dimensionally-stable die.

die:master aqua thinner

  • Long-term, sustainable quality,- even after frequent use.
  • Controlled regulation of the viscosity because it can be dispensed accurately drop-by-drop.


  • Silicone based separator completes the die:master system components in an optimal way.


  • For applications whereby the varnish must later be removed, (press ceramic) the die:master thinner is an excellent solvent when used together with the die:master ivory, silver or blue.