Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector

Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector

The Comfort Plus™ Premium Saliva Ejector uses a patented design featuring rounded edges, smooth surfaces and perfectly placed suction ports that help to enhance patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue.


Unlike traditional blunt-ended saliva ejectors that can lock onto tissue and traumatize patients, the unique streamlined Comfort Plus™ suction tip design:

● Reduces patient discomfort

● Optimizes fluid removal

● Minimizes trauma to mucosal tissue

● Facilitates uninterrupted fluid and light debris removal

● Prevents tissue from blocking suction

● Allows for extended use

● Provides you with greater efficiency

The Comfort Plus™ Saliva Ejector is also perfectly bendable, yet firmly holds the shape you create.

Latex: No
CE: Yes
Made in USA: Yes

  • REF#ZCWCP 100pcs per bag (Clear / White)
  • REF#ZWGCPM 100pcs per bag (Mint Scented / White / Green)
  • REF#ZWPCPBG 100pcs per bag (Bubble Gum White/Pink)
  • REF#ZWWCP 100pcs per bag (White)