A compact condenser designed for easy and reliable porcelain condensation during porcelain veneering of all-ceramic and metal-based restorations. Use of high frequency micro vibrations enhance condensation and ensure that the micro-fine particles are densely packed to prevent deformation of the layer structure.


  • Ultrasonic vibrations improve porcelain substructure, removes air bubbles, increases density to minimize shrinkage and cracking during firing.
  • Reduces shrinkage to less than 5 %
  • It includes a touch sensor for ease of operation and ideal for use with all ceramic porcelain materials to minimize firing shrinkage and offers both auto and continuous mode.
  • Augments translucency and enhances density
  • Adjustable vibration up to 28,000 Hz allows for customized build-up techniques
  • Touch sensor automatically activates vibration when platform is contacted
  • Choice of automatic (5 seconds) and continuous (120 seconds) vibration modes


  • Individually packed [PN 5064]