A specially designed kit for systematic polishing of indirect composite materials such as Ceramage micro-ceramic indirect composite.


  • The Fissure carbide bur is specially designed with a unique trigonal pyramid shaped tip or perfect pointed-end for anatomical carving of pit & fissure, trimming the inner surface of crowns and removal of porosities and excess materials, with superior cutting efficiency to provide precise replication of intricate surface details.
  • Dura-Polish is an aluminum oxide impregnated polishing wax for pre-polsihing and polishing of indirect composite, porcelain, metal and denture resin.
  • Dura-Polish DIA is a diamond impregnated polishing wax for super polishing of indirect composite and porcelain.
  • Recommended Polishing Sequence:
    • Adjust small parts on the occlusal surface with Robot Carbide Fissure Bur.
    • Eliminate scratches on the surface and adjust the surface with Silicone Point HR2 and SHOFU Pivot Brush SC.
    • Prepolish with Pivot Brush using Dura-Polish.
    • Superpolish with Felt Wheel using Dura-Polish DIA.


The Kit contains:

  • Robot Carbide Fissure Bur HP x 1
  • Silicone Points HR2 – 11, 13S x 1 each
  • Silicone Points HR2 – 28 x 2
  • Pivot Brush HP x 1
  • Pivot Brush SC HP x 1
  • Mandrels HP x 2
  • Dura-Polish 20 g x 1 jar
  • Dura-Polish DIA 5 g x 1 jar
  • Felt Wheels No. 1602 (16 mm diameter, 2 mm thickness) x 2
  • Felt Wheels No. 2405 (24 mm diameter, 5 mm thickness) x 1