Calipretto CR


Calipretto CR – No more marks!

Function & Performance
Precise dial calipers with measuring tips made from high performance ATZ ceramic, specially designed for measuring the wall thickness of full ceramic dental restorations.


  • Efficient processing due to metal-free measuring.
  • Long service life due to practically indestructible ATZ measuring tips
  • Measuring data can be clearly seen in 1/10 mm steps


Current situation: Metal marks on the ceramic surface

Metal tips leave metal marks on hard, ceramic surfaces. This results in additional working steps or in the worst case, a completely new production.

Solution: Measuring tips made from ATZ high performance ceramic

A measuring instrument, whereby the ceramic surface is only touched with tips made from ATZ high performance ceramic. No unwanted additional working steps required to clean the object, firing faults caused by metal residues are a thing of the past.

Measuring technology

  • Optimally suited shape and design due to intelligent ergonomics
  • The smallest areas can be measured with a tip diameter of only 0.8 mm.
  • Variable contact pressure which can be controlled by finger pressure means the measuring instrument can also be used on un-fired ceramic.

What is ATZ?

  • ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia) is a high performance ceramic. It has a 40% higher flexural strength in comparison to the well proven zirconium dioxide.
  • Due to its excellent material properties, ATZ has until now only been used in the field of implantology and for intra-oral burs.