Bur Block FG, Bur Block FG/RA, Bur Block RA


Bur Block FG, Bur Block FG/RA, and Bur Block RA.

Bur Block FG 4056Bur Block FG/RA 4057RA Bur Block 4061

Bur Block FG

  • 20 inserts for FG shanks.

Bur Block FG/RA

  • 10 inserts for FG shanks
  • 5 inserts for FGL shanks
  • 5 inserts for RA shanks

The smooth surface of stainless steel lid and the aluminium base facilitates cleaning.
The special design provides secure retention for long and short instruments.
The flat shape fits in any size of drawers.

RA Bur Block

  • 20 inserts for RA shanks

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