Basic master

Basic Master

Basic master – The master for routine work

Function & Performance
The Basic master microblaster is a genuine space-saver and provides great freedom of movement. The unit is equipped with 2 tanks.


  • Precise blasting with the special mixing chamber technology (Venturi principle).
  • Large volume blasting chamber provides maximum freedom of movement.
  • Ventilation slots ensure optimal ventilation of the blasting chamber and a clear view (PerfectView-Concept).

The Basic master is preferred by laboratories, which expect a higher workload. The many extras in terms of ergonomics, ventilation and durability optimise continuous operation of the unit.
There are also two abrasive tanks for all the standard requirements in dental technology, e.g. precious metal and ceramic with abrasives from 25-70 μm and 70-250 μm.

Abrasive chamber volume
20 l

Basic fine sandblasting units.

Precision and premium: Highest level technology.
Renfert advantage: the unique mixing chamber technology, developed in-house, and the special geometry of the IT nozzles provide decisive advantages.
1. Perfectly uniform abrasive flow, abrasive power and jet pattern. This allows you to achieve consistently uniform, reproducible surface conditioning, ensuring perfect bonding properties. No stresses and cracks in the porcelain.
2. Efficient sandblasting reduces abrasive costs by up to 80%, thanks to abrasive flow with optimum air-sand mixture, regardless of the tank level and with minimum to no pre-blasting and post-blasting.
3. Focused, effective and reliable sandblasting. You achieve effective removal from the framework without loss of abrasive due to scatter. At the same time your sensitive frameworks are optimally protected

The PerfectView concept
Renfert advantage: The constant, brightly illuminated blasting chamber (4,800 Lux) guarantees optimum contour and detail recognition on your framework.
Thanks to the special daylight LED technology you can see greater contrasts and clearer differences in shade on the illuminated framework.
The intelligent ventilation technology optimizes removal of air-/sand-turbulences, so that you always have a clear view of the framework (from Basic master onwards).
The silicone coated glass helps to reduce etching and allows a longer viewing life (installed as standard equipment in the  Basic quattro IS, Basic quattro and Basic master, optional with Basic classic).
The color-coded system on the tank lids, tank placement, handpieces and tank selection switch make the unit very easy to operate.
The ergonomic hose routing also creates optimum viewing conditions.

Insider-Tip! Subject cold siliconizing in the sandblasting unit:
3M Espe recommends exclusive use of the Basic series of Renfert sandblasting units with RocatecTM. Their advantage: Coverage is absolutely uniform using the prescribed impact energy and without thermal loading of the alloy.