Advantage Saliva Ejectors

Advantage Saliva Ejector

Provides optimal suction without aspirating tissue. Soft, non-removable tip – bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety.

  • It can be kept open for easy chair side placement, use and closed when disinfection is required
  • Sterilized by autoclaving to 135°C (270 °F), ultrasonic cleaning and cold sterilization.
  • Unique design can hold 11 FG and 5 CA burs
  • Wire-reinforced tube forms and maintains any desired shape.
  • Available in: Blue or Yellow colour
  • Latex: No
  • CE: Yes
  • Made in USA: Yes
  • REF#ZBBI 100pcs per bag (Blue/Blue)
  • REF#ZCBI 100pcs per bag (Clear/Blue)
  • REF#ZCCI 100pcs per bag (Clear/Clear)
  • REF#ZWWI 100pcs per bag (White/White)