Acrypoint (for Acrylic materials)


Acrypoints are designed incorporating the unique polishing technology of Shofu, for adjusting and polishing all types of acrylic appliances to a high lustre, in the laboratory or chairside, while eliminating the need for messy polishing pastes.

20150307_060458AcryPoints Chart

These popular acrylic polishers are available in 3 different grits:

  • Coarse (dark grey) – for adjusting
  • Medium (brown) – for finishing
  • Fine (light grey) – for polishing

  • SHOFU EyeSpecial C-II camera [PN 5130]
  • SHOFU Gray Card for C-II [PN 5130]
  • Video Cable for EyeSpecial C-II [PN 5132]
  • Hand Strap for EyeSpecial C-II [PN 5133]

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