Acrylic Contouring & Finishing Kit HP


Designed for adjustment and polishing of acrylic dentures and appliances chairside or in the laboratory.

  • Easy to use, convenient and efficient
  • Comprehensive kit that can be used either chairside or in the laboratory for adjusting, fine finishing and polishing denture resin.
  • Recommended average speed for Acrypoints- 5,000 to 10,000 rpm

The Kit [PN 0329] Contains:
AcryPoint x 8:

  • Coarse grit 2 each BP1, PC2 – for adjusting
  • Medium Grit 1 each BP1, PC2 – for finishing
  • Fine Grit 1 each BP1, PC2 – for polishing

Robot Carbide Burs for smooth and fast adjustment, 1 each: 0620, 0616, 0635, 0667